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Skillsoft Advanced Product Customer Support

Our Customer Support Consultants are ready to answer your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The below contact methods are exclusively for support related to following Skillsoft Advanced Product lines:

  • SkillStudio (Help)
  • Skillsoft Publisher (Help)
  • KC Editor (Help)
  • Academy Custom Content Publisher (ACCP) (Help)

Please click here to upload a copy of your course to aide in the investigation and reference name of the file when speaking with Customer Support.


If you are unable to call us please click here to access our web form that will facilitate the details we require to ensure an effective response to your request.


Skillsoft's advanced products require more in depth detail to support so it is recommended that users of these products call and speak with a live agent using the appropriate international phone numbers from our listings below.

North America - 1-877-771-7179
Singapore - 800-101-3394
Australia - 1 800 283 964
New Zealand - 0800 443 429

Elsewhere: Worldwide Direct Dial - 1-506-462-1445