NPAPI Deprecation

Chrome version 45, has completely disabled all Java executions. This will cause an inability to launch or access a limited amount of Skillsoft courses or materials that require the Java applet to run. If you see the following message when attempting to access a course in Chrome, please attempt to launch this asset in an alternate browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox:

this site users a plugin that is unsupported

Skillsoft has already taken the initiative of becoming a Java-Free environment for many of our courses and sites. This will effectively prevent most issues that would otherwise come up when Java is disabled permanently in September 2015. For information in regards to the Skillsoft Java-free initiative, click here.


Warning: it appears that you are not currently using Google Chrome as your browser. To view the steps for enabling Java within Chrome, please click here to display:
Warning: the information below pertains to a newer version of Google Chrome than you are currently using. please click here to display

In the meantime Java can be enabled within Google Chrome by following the steps contained below:

  1. With Google Chrome open, go to the address bar and type in chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and press enter. You will be brought to a page similar to the one below:
  2. Under “Enable NPAPI” click on the word “Enable” in the blue link at the bottom. This will then change the word to “Disable” as shown below:
  3. At the bottom of the page click on "Relaunch Now" in order for those setting to take effect.
  4. Once Google Chrome reopens, go to the address bar and type in chrome://plugins/
  5. Locate the Java (TM) as highlighted in the screen below:
  6. Click on "Enable" in the blue link below the Java(TM) if it has that as an option.
  7. Click on the box to the left of “Always Allowed” to the right of Disable. When that is done the Java(TM) will look like the screen below:
  8. Exit out of all Google Chrome browser windows to ensure the settings have taken effect. Java will now be enabled within Google Chrome.