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When I log into a session as a participant all I see is a blank white\grey screen where the presentation should be, what causes this to happen?

Sometimes this problem will happen if the security settings in your Internet browser are too restrictive. below are the steps to fix this if you are using Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the tools menu, then Internet Options
  • Click on the Security tab, Trusted Sites, then click on the Sites button
  • In the 'Add this website to the zone' field add *.skilldialogue.com
  • Click on the close button, then OK.

When this is done close browser and reattempt to access the session.

When I am on a session and the presenter shares an application using App Share I am unable to see that application; all I see is a grey screen. What can cause this to happen?

There are various issues that could be causing this to happen.

Firstly try to exit the session and log back it to see if it is still happening. If it is, try to clear your clear JRE cache (Steps for JRE 1.4) (Steps for JRE 1.5 and 1.6).

If this is happening with more than one user, ask the presenter to restart the session (if possible).

If the above steps do not fix it (or you do not have access to the Java control panel indicated in the steps to clear JRE cache) potentially the participant does not have Java Runtime installed on their system or the certificate warning that normally pops up with App Share has started and not been accepted (sometimes it will hide behind the main App Share window). Click here for instructions to install the Java Runtime

When I try to login to a session I get stuck with a "Loading Toolbar" message at the very top of my browser screen, what do I do to fix this?

Sometimes just closing your Internet browser and re-attempting to log back into the session will resolved this. If it does not please try to clear your JRE cache (Steps for JRE 1.4) (Steps for JRE 1.5 and 1.6)

When I attempt to login to a session I get this message "Session Will Start Soon - This session has not been started by the presenter yet. Please stay on this page while it keeps reattempting to join your session." What am I supposed to do to get into the session?

Chances are when you get this message the presenter has not started the session you are trying to attend. Please double check the start time from your meeting invite email (if you received one) and ensure that the session is listed under the 'Active Sessions' section on the main page of the Skilldialogue site that the meeting will take place on (.skilldialogue.com). If the session is not showing under 'Active Sessions' it is not currently started and it would be recommended that you get in touch with the presenter to see when the session will be started.

When I try to start App Share it will not work, what could be wrong?

This may happen when a presenter potentially is not clicking on the ‘Run’ option in the certificate warning window that pops-up when they start App Share. Ensure it is not hidden behind the main window. If it is not popping up, possibly in the past they clicked ‘Cancel’ rather than 'run' and the Java Cache will have to be cleared to remedy (Steps for JRE 1.4) (Steps for JRE 1.5 and 1.6)

This could also happen if a presenter has a faulty install of the Application Sharing program and should go to Add/Remove Programs from the control panel in Windows and remove any instance they see of ‘Dialogue AppShare Assistant’ (there could be multiple) and reinstall from the Live site (just start up a session, attempt to start App Share and the system will prompt to download the program). If these steps fail it is a possibility that there is a issue with the Java Runtime on the system and you should contact technical support.

When I try to login to a session I am presenting I continually get stuck at the 'browser check' white screen and it will not allow me to start the session - what could be going on?

This could be caused by conflicting issue with a third party browser extension. Try this to resolve: In Internet Explorer click on the Tools menu > Internet Options > Advanced > uncheck 'enable third party browser extensions' > click 'OK' and reattempt to start the session.

How do I make a participant a co-presenter?

To make a participant a co-presenter simply click on individuals name from the roster, and then click on 'Make Presenter'. The participants toolbar will automatically change to include presenter icons and they will be placed in the 'Presenter' section of the roster.

When I try to send email invites to participants they never seem to receive the emails, what could be wrong?

There could be a couple different items that would cause this to happen.

  • If no one that you attempt to send the invites to are receiving the emails it is a possibility that a network appliance on the presenter side is blocking emails from being sent. Network systems have to be configured so that mails can be sent from the domain name relay.skilldialogue.com.
  • If some participants are not getting the emails it could be that their email program is putting them in a spam folder. You can configure the email program so that these emails should be going into the inbox rather than the spam folder.

When I try to login to a session I get stuck with a "Loading Toolbar" message at the very top of my browser screen, what do I do to fix this?

Sometimes just closing your Internet browser and re-attempting to log back into the session will resolved this. If it does not please try to clear your JRE cache (Steps for JRE 1.4) (Steps for JRE 1.5 and 1.6)

Can I upload a 'movie file' and use it in my presentation?

Yes this is possible but only if the file is a Flash (.swf) file and is contained within a Dialogue Design PRS file. If your 'movie file' is not in .swf format there are various converters that you can use to change the format to .swf. For instructions on using Design and importing files click here

How do you record a Dialogue Live session for both the presentation and the audio if it is a teleconference?

If you need to record a Dialogue Live session along with the audio from a teleconference, below are the steps:

  • To record the audio (teleconference) portion of the session you will need to purchase a device called a 'Telephone Transmit Patch with Switch' that will plug into the microphone input of your PC and also plug into your phone. These devices are very inexpensive and can be purchased at most local electronic stores. A demo of how this device is plugged into your PC and phone is located here
  • Next install the Dialogue Recorder on the machine that will be recording the session. If you have Dialogue Design already installed, the recorder will be installed on your system by default. It can be accessed from your Windows Start Menu> All Programs> Skillsoft> Dialogue> Dialogue Recorder. If you do not have Design installed (or do not have a license for it) you can install the Recorder by logging into your Dialogue Live account, and click the 'Download Recorder & Recording Editor' link on the left hand menu.
  • Once you have the Recorder started you will now want to open the Recorder application. Once it is open you will see the Recorder icon in your system tray by your clock.
  • To start recording double click on the Recorder icon. You will be presented with a window that will ask you what you want to capture. In most cases you will want to select the 'Capture Desktop' to ensure that everything that goes on in the session is recorded. If you do not want to see the desktop task bar, system tray, etc.. in the recording, select the 'Capture Application' option then click on the 'Skillsoft Dialogue Live...' browser application you have open (your session should be started before you begin this step). Once you click on the OK button that will start the record process and your 'recorder icon' in the system tray will turn into a 'red square' to let you know it is recording.
  • Once you are done with your session and you want to stop the recorder you can double click on the 'red square' or use the key combination of CTRL+SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN to stop the recorder.
  • Now that the recording is done you will most likely want to save the recording in a viewable format. The first thing you will need to do is right click on the Recorder icon> click save> and choose a location on your PC to save it. The file format that it is saved in is (.drs)
  • The newly saved file can now be imported into Dialogue Design or Recoding Editor. Once that is done, you can use Design or Recording Editor to manage/modify the recording you created (remove unwanted frames from the movie etc). The documentation on how to do this is located here - http://support.skillsoft.com/search.asp?id=8056
  • When you have your changes finalized it is time to publish the recording into a Skillsoft course. To do this, click on File> Publish. This will start the publish process. Steps in the process are located here - http://support.skillsoft.com/search.asp?id=8081
  • Once the course is published you can view it by following the instructions found here - http://support.skillsoft.com/search.asp?id=8086.